US Trademark registration services provided to a global clientele
Trademark litigation services provided in the US District Courts of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Branding is burned into the brain. From childhood to the grave, we follow the indicated trends, wear the clothes our peers wear, read what they read, and acquire the branded objects that they acquire. The power of branding is recognized by federal and state laws that provide powerful protections to the holders of registered trademarks. Registered trademark owners have special advantages when it comes to stopping infringers and cybersquatters. While only you can make your mark a source of pride, only a skilled, committed trademark lawyer can protect your mark from competitors who will stop at nothing to get a leg up at your expense. You stick to building your brand. Charles will protect it from the copycats.

“The iCall® brand is central to our marketing strategy and a core element of our intellectual property portfolio. Charles has protected the brand for years with an aggressive program of trademark enforcement that has taken dozens of cybersquatters off the Internet and kept the iCall® brand strong.”

Arlo Gilbert, CEO, iCall, Inc.