Creating and distributing media content has gotten easier with every passing year. Digital video, free editing software, cheaper bandwidth, YouTube, and the iPhone whipped up a perfect storm of creative destruction that stunned the Hollywood entertainment machine. New media creators didn’t wait to crowd into the space. Experimental media distribution platforms have gone through numberless changes, and literally billions of dollars have been paid to the creators of small startups who sold to the right buyer at the right time. Although the big payday is far from a sure bet, many media creators have reaped substantial rewards from their efforts. Charles Carreon has helped many media creators to make their work marketable, and has had the pleasure of seeing his clients garner major rewards from their creative efforts. From handling routine copyright registration, to protecting trademarks and domains from infringement, to selling the whole company in a multi-million-dollar buyout, Charles has helped make it happen for his clients.

When the time came to sell the media company I had spent many years building, a trusted friend introduced me to Charles, and I must say I was very pleased with the results. Not only did he thread the needle during two weeks of intensive negotiations over everything from film rights, to domain transfers, to shareholder and employment agreements, when the time came to exit he was there to make it happen according to plan. Charles kept me informed at each step of the process, and did the job right, as the results showed.

B. Randall, founder, Pistol Media.